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Overlift your house with wooden frame wall

We filed a patent for the ecological and intelligent Overlifitng since 2019 with the Inpi. “A solution with self-supporting precast pannel in wooden skeleton”.
This Overlifting process in wooden frame wall – self-supporting and carrying, is produced and thermally isolated and acoustically insulated in workshop – designed for a healthy, comfortable and durable construction.

The total or partial overlifting is the appropriate response to the need for space in urban environment in view of small size, the narrowness of the fields, the high price on the habitable m² and of the intrinsic value of existant building. It can be limited to the volumetric modification of the frame or a new level full-blow.

You quickly create and without leaving the dwelling a habitable volume underneath your existant housing. A clean site during work period.

>> Performances :

Achievements :

Avant Avant
Après Après

>> During and after works

Avant Avant
Après Après

>> Before and during works

Before works of overlifitng
hoisting of walls