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Wooden Frame Wall and concrete inside cladding

Our composite wall solution wood frame / concrete

Escaffre Bois conception, patent INPI in 2020. Our solution of Mixed Wood Frame Wall is at High Thermal Inertia due to its integrate Concrete inside Cladding !

>> Key figures :

A simple and revolutionary design

  1. The concrete skin is located inside, it can receve a paint or a thin coating of decoration or even a lining :
    • Great resistance to Base MOB PIB intern shocks
    • Possibility of electrical box and housing integration on hold (see 3D plan with BA 13 sheet stucks)
  2. The plywood bracing panel is made of Landes pine
  3. The wooden skeleton is in KVH or LC (minimal thickness 160 nm). The filling is in Wood Fibre (50 kg/m3 – Lambda 0,036)​
  4. The outside insulation is in Wood Fibre 130 kg /m3 – Lambda 0,042 thickness 60mm to 100mm). 2 possibilities of Outside Finish :
    • Coated on Wood Fibre
    • and/or Wood Cladding (cleat support mounted directly in factory) / Metal / Composite

Speed and design Quality

Fully prefabricated wall in workshop integrating :
> the inside contrete skin
> isolated wooden skeleton
> exterior insulation ready for finishing (coating, cladding, etc.)
> the wall fixation system to th support (concrete slab or wood flooring)

By its composition and its innovative design, the mixed WFW PIB solution brings an optimal quality of manufacture. In addition an ease and speed of installation while securing fasteners to supports and junctions, wall/wall.

Composition : from the outside to the inside

Painting, slim sealant

BA 13 stuck or dubbling

60 or 80mm
Vapor barrier

CTBX 9mm

Wooden skeleton
Filling wood fibre 160mm
Over-insulation wood fibre
60 to 100mm
Outside sealant or cladding

Thermal performance

  • Optimal comfort in winter with insulation in Wood Fibre (160 mm minimal in the skeleton +60mm minimal in outside).
  • The dephasing is obtened with an insulation in OTI (Outside Thermal Insulation) in Wood Fibre.
  • With the combination Wood Fibre/ Concrete cladding, a thermal comfort is obtened in winter as well as in summer = Dephasing of 14h and mittigation of the thermal amplitude at 100 (the inside temperature vary 100 times less than the outside temperature)

Fire resistance

(According to the appreciation of Laboratoire CSTB)
  • Fire protection of the Wooden Skeleton due to the armed concrete skin.
  • 60 minutes firewall (REI 60) with armed concrete 8 centimetres skin.
  • Possibility fire proctection on the outside face.

Acoustic advantage

  • Optimized sound loss due to the combination of concrete skin and Wood Fibre insulation.
  • Sealant wall : Rn (C;CTr) = 66 Decibel