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Tradional frame

3D design of wood frame

A digitally controlled bench allows high precision work. The studies office design your wood frame from reference software and can deliver you the calculation notes.

BE Charpente traditionnelle et plan 3D ESCAFFRE BOIS

Manufacture process

We mainly use dry spruce mounting C24 (less than 15% about of hydrometry rates), planed 4 faces in order to ensure security and precision of assemblies. Following the wood section, we use BMA (Cutters With Bore), laminated or glulam of GL 24 type.

En plein travail de taille de la K2 ESCAFFRE BOIS

The traditional frame can be treated by class 2 soaking or by class 3 autoclave of green, brown or grey colour, all after machining for an optimal treatment.

The frames are supplied with an assembly plan book with numbered markers on all pieces of wood.

Achievement of traditional wood frame