Wodden Frame Wall

Your project of wooden skeleton

Wether It is an individiual house, an extension, an industrial or tertiary building, we answer to every type of construction request in wooden skeleton with an appropriate design to your plans. The flexibilty of our prodcution tools adapt to your project.

The design of wood structural elements doesn’t improvise, the wall are calculated, studied and traced specific software to wooden skeleton. Then it is shifted to numerical control machines for being machined and assembled.

We use a bracing in veneer in moor pine CTBX (without formaldehyde) in a wooden skeleton in epicea C24 dry (lower than 15% of hydometry rates). The wood treatment is do after cutting. This constructive system as well as the materials employed ensure you a great manufacture quality.

From your plans, we study the best technical solution to better cost The insulation in wood fibre can also be built-in direct in wooden frame wall during it manufacture, a time gain and a quality.

The walls are delivered in ranges of metal handling, it is every numbered and accompany it of an assembly notebook that ease the pose.

Achievement of wooden frame walls