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Wodden Frame Wall

Your wood frame project

Wether it is an individiual house, an extension, an industrial or tertiary building, we answer to every type of construction request in wooden skeleton with an appropriate design to your plans. The flexibilty of our production tool adapts to your projects.

The design of wood structural elements is not improvised, the walls are calculated, studied and drawn with software specific to the wood frame. They are then transferred to CNC machines for machining and assembly.

We use a CTBX (formaldehyde-free) pine plywood bracing on a C24 dry spruce frame (less than 15% hydrometric). The wood is treated after cutting. This constructive system and the materials used guarantee a high quality of manufacture.

Based on your plans, we study the best technical solution at best cost. The wood fibre insulation can also be built-in directly in wooden frame wall during its manufacture, a time gain and quality.

The walls are delivered in ranges of metal handling, they are all numbered and accompanied by an assembly notebook that facilitates the pose.

Achievements of wooden frame walls