Wood treatment

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We protect our wooeds

We treat woods in according to it final use by insecticeds anti-thermites and fungicide and anti-rotting. The treatment can it do by soaking (ten-year guarantee) in class 2 coulourless or yellow but also by autoclave in class 3 or 4. The treatment by autoclave is a process by wich the product is injected in the heart of under pressure woods.

Our autoclave permit us to treat lenght to 15 m in class 3 or 4 We can propose the finition color green or brown or grey. The products that we use endeavor respect at best the environment

>> Colourless (Soacking Class 2)

bois volige traitée incolore

>> Yellow (Soacking class 2)

Volige traitée classe 2 trempage

>> Grey (Autoclave Class 3)

>> Brown (Autoclave Class 3 and 4)

>> Green (Autoclave Class 3 and 4)

Treatment autoclave of wood : before / after

Non traité Non traité
Traitement autoclave vert Traitement autoclave vert

How treat woods ?

The autoclave treatment how it works ?

The products used for soacking and for the autoclave treatment are selected for be the least pollutant of the market in order to preserve both the human and the environment. Products qualified A+ for the soacking and CTB P+ for the autoclave treatment part.