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Wood treatment

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We protect our woods

We treat wood according to its end use with anti-thermite insecticides and antis-rotting fungicides. The treatment can be done by soaking (decadal guarantee) in class 2 colourless or yellow but also by autoclave in class 3 or 4. Autoclave treatment is a process by which the product is injected into the wood core under pressure.

Our autoclave allows us to process lengths up to 15 m in class 3 or 4. We can offer a green or brown or grey finish. The products we use strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

>> Colourless (Soacking Class 2)

bois volige traitée incolore

>> Yellow (Soacking class 2)

Volige traitée classe 2 trempage

>> Grey (Autoclave Class 3)

>> Brown (Autoclave Class 3 and 4)

>> Green (Autoclave Class 3 and 4)

Treatment wood autoclave : before / after

Non traité Non traité
Traitement autoclave vert Traitement autoclave vert

How to treat woods ?

How does the autoclave treatment work ?

The products used for soaking and autoclave treatment are selected to be the least polluting on the market in order to preserve both man and the environment. Products certified A+ for the soaking part and CTB P+ for the autoclave treatment part.